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Pantry Jumbo

SKU : ep16

Price is all inclusive with no additional charges such as delivery or any other fees.

The Pantry Jumbo Pod contains the selection of must have pantry items for a large family. 

What’s in the Pod?

  1. Potatoes 5kg
  2. Rice 5kg
  3. Flour 5kg
  4. Cooking Oil 2Litres
  5. Sugar 5kg
  6. Salt 2kg
  7. Noodles 5pack x 4
  8. Spiral Pasta 4 x 500g
  9. Spaghetti Pasta 4 x 500g
  10. Pasta sauce 500ml x 2
  11. Tomato sauce 1litre x 2
  12. Tomato puree 400gm x 2
  13. Chopped Tomatoes 4 x 400gm
  14. Corned Beef 4 x 300gm
  15. Mackerel can 2 x 400gm
  16. Baked Beans 2 x 400gm
  17. Pink Salmon 4 x 415gm
  18. Tuna cans 4 x 185gm


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