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Christmas Hamper

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Price is all inclusive with no additional charges such as delivery or any other fees.

Our Christmas Hamper has everthing you need for the festive season! A delicious selection of sweets, snacks, baking essentials and drinks, your holiday will be sweeter than ever! 

What’s in the Pod?

Potato chips 150gm x 3
Arnotts Crackers Water Original 125g
Griffins Mallowpuffs Chocolate Biscuits Original-200g
Griffins Cookie Bear Jam Filled Shrewsbury-350g
Peanut Brownies Cookies - 325g
Maltesers Chocolate-140g
Cadbury Treat Size Chocolates Crunchie Sharepack 180G
Marshmallows Marshy Mallows 400g
Chupa Chups Lollipops Faces 210G
M&M's Milk Chocolate Party Pack  (12 share pack)162g
Greggs Jelly Crystals 85 gm ( 4 flavours)
Twist Fruit Drink Orange & Mango 125Ml X8
Raro Sachet Drink Mix 3pkX 80g 
Milo Drinking Chocolate  310g
Tea Bags 60 tea bags.
Cappuccino Chocolate  Gold Premium 10 Sachets 140g
Continental Cup A Soup Instant Soup Tomato 80G x 2
Instant Noodles Multi Pack 425g
Microwave Popcorn 3 pack  255g
Bbq Sauce Squeeze Bottle 500ml
Tomato Sauce Squeeze bottle 540g
Traditional Mayonnaise 470g
Nestle Reduced Cream 250ml
Weet Bix 375gm
Hubbards Muesli 600gm
Quick Oats 750gm
Kellogg's Cornflakes 220gm
Hubbard's Rice Pops 360g
Peanut Butter 375gm 
Marmite Yeast Spread 250g
Nutella Hazelnut Spread 220g
Craig's Strawberry Jam 375g
Christmas Tart 400gm
Pancake Mix Original Shaker 350g
Cake Mix Vanilla With Icing 450g
Cupcake Mix Red Velvet 365g
Brownie Mix 450g
Icing Sugar 500g
Hansells Essence Vanilla Flavoured 125ml
Baking Powder 150g